Liz Anne

Liz is an intuitive tarot reader, palm reader, and medium who has been reading professionally for over a year (although she’s been reading for friends and family and anyone who would sit still for over twenty years). She is also a certified and attuned Reiki practitioner.

Liz’s readings focus on bringing clarity, hope, and strategies for keeping clients aligned with their Higher Selves. Liz’s readings are detailed and personalized and don’t shy away from challenges you may face, but her messages are channeled from a loving source and are therefore loving in nature. She delivers every reading with articulate compassion and without judgement (life can be tricky and we all struggle with doubt from time to time). Liz provides a safe space for emotional processing and healing and seeks to help clients move forward in their emotional and practical journeys. Bring your questions or explore messages that come through spontaneously, or, ideally, both!

Liz earned her M.A. in English in 2015 from Millersville University and loves learning in all its many forms. She’s a curious and eager student of the metaphysical who is always eager to learn something new.

To schedule, call 717-756-0792 or email