Lynn Diehl

 Lynn A. Diehl, BA, CRR has been soothing soles since 1991. She maintains a full time private practice in Doylestown, PA, that focuses on Reflex Therapies for relaxation and rehabilitation. She has studied and weaves into her sessions, Polarity Reflexology, Ingham Compression method for Hands and Feet, 5 Element and Meridian Reflexology, Integrated ears, Hands and Feet Reflexology, Neuro Hand and Foot Reflexology, Infertility and Hormonal Reflexology, Reflexology for Vision Therapy, Tibetan Head, Neck and Scalp Reflexology and most recently, Facial and Temprana Reflex Therapies. Lynn also has training in Upledger’s CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki and Medical Applications of Essential oils. In 2005, Lynn brought the IonCleanse(R) Detoxifying Footbath into her practice to assist her and her clients in relieving acute and chronic pain, swelling and inflammation more efficiently and effectively. Lynn also incorporates IonCleanse (R) into client sessions to help relieve muscle and joint pain, heavy metal toxicity, immune system challenges, aid in weight loss, support respiratory, circulatory and lymphatic systems and more.