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Honoring and Healing with Our Ancestors Circle

Vanessa Codorniu, CHt, RMT

It’s that magical time of the year again where even deeper clarity, healing and inspiration are flowing if we are willing to receive.

Halloween has traditionally been a time of honoring those that have crossed over and to release what doesn’t serve so we can bring in new energy to support our earthly journey. 

If you’ve ever felt a connection to people who have crossed over, wondered about your ancestors, remember your ancestors or feel like you have inherited “issues” and “gifts” please come to this circle! 

It’s the right place, the right time of year and the right people! I firmly believe that those that are called to join this circle are ready to begin/continue healing. connect with messages and release what no longer serves. 

Explore the true roots of Halloween, Samhaim and All Soul’s Eve. 

Explore your family’s heritage and gifts that may have been passed down as well as ways of thinking, being and living that may need to shift. Embrace the gifts hidden in your family’s past that are asking to be remembered through you at this time. 

Whether there are fears, money issues or love “curses” it; stime to release bloodline energies and embrace fresh pathways.

Connect with sacred community, build a group altar and explore your spiritual heritage through journeying. 

We will share of those that have walked before us and release beliefs that have been “handed down” as we reclaim new spiritual sovereignty and greater connection!

  • Bring items for the altar that you would like to charge with positive energy.
  • Bring a picture, item that belonged to a family member that has crossed over or something that represents them. 
  • We will gather, cleanse, sit in circle, honor our ancestors through a journey to retrieve gifts and heal stories that have been passed on.
  • We will receive guidance and then take some time to snack and ground before we head home. 
  • Bring a journal or somewhere to write what you receive during this time. 

I’ve  been holding monthly Souls of the Light Circles since 1999 in NYC and excited to be here at Alta View Wellness with this inspirational energy. Looking forward to holding sacred space for all. Space is limited to 20. So much love & devotion,