A classic Western superficial massage to promote relaxation and circulation of blood and lymph. This massage is the most popular form of massage often offered in health clubs, spas, and resorts.
Massage that is directed toward the deeper tissue structures to alleviate chronic pain by manipulating the various layers of fascia which support muscle tissues and loosen adhesions between the layers of connective tissue. May include cryotherapy, free weights, heat or cold, essential oils, passive/active/resistive ROM.
Direct muscle therapy for the amateur or professional athlete. Aids in maintaining good myofacial health. The goal of Sports therapy is to keep the athlete in optimal condition while they are training. A comprehensive approach to the prevention and treatment of soft-tissue injuries. Great for training maintenance. May include cryotherapy, free weights, passive/active/resistive ROM, trigger-point therapy, muscle energy techniques, and PNF stretching.
Helps mom-to-be deal with common discomforts of pregnancy. Generally this session is a targeted Swedish session, client is side lying for this session.
Providing tactile stimulation and movement essential for the healthy growth and development of baby. Releases tension and teaches baby to relax, bond with parent/caregiver, aids in digestion and elimination, improves sleep, and helps to calm colicky babies. Dolls may also be utilized to instruct parent or caregiver in infant massage techniques.
Promotes relaxation and movement essential for the growing child. Teaches child to relax, improves sleep, aids in anxiety, eases growing pains and promotes centering for the child who may be experiencing hyperactivity and other such problems. Parental/caregiver involvement in this program is essential.
A specialized chronic/acute soft-tissue injury assessment that enables the development of an individual treatment plan. Coupled with a target session that may include cryotherapy (ice), free weights, passive/active/resistive ROM, trigger-point therapy, muscle energy techniques, (aka PNF stretching). We do not accept any form of insurance.
Direct muscle therapy including localized deep tissue focus. Each session is client specific. Great for sprains, strains, and soft tissue injuries. May involve cryotherapy (ice) and/or heat therapy. Minimum of 30 minutes