To schedule a session, please call us at 717-221-0133.

Remember Bill will only allow one, full one hour reading per year, keep this in mind when scheduling!

Psychic Check Ups can be scheduled in between annual readings. A Psychic Check up is a 1/2 hour session.

How does it work?
Prior to each reading, Bill requests that each client take his hand as he says a prayer asking that the Creator allow him to be of good service, and praying for the authenticity of the reading. Typically, Bill will receive mind-pictures and mind-movies going back as far as a clients childhood. Once it is established that the imagery is intended for the person being read, Bill will usually pause and allow a client to ask questions about any aspect of their life: health, relationships, employment, children, etc. Although Bill is not a "medium," occasionally he will also receive spontaneous impressions of loved ones in Spirit. (Grandparents and animals usually appear first and foremost.) If a client asks to specifically connect with a loved one in Spirit, Bill will attempt to facilitate that connection, but can make no promises or guarantees. Health scans can also be done during your reading in which Bill visualizes your body and targets areas of which to be mindful so that preventative measures may be pursued.

Do I need to bring anything?
An open mind and a willingness to collaborate are most important. Please come prepared with lots of questions! Clients are encouraged to bring in old and recent family photos, and personal objects such as pieces of metal jewelry belonging to a loved one, living or deceased, to be read. Bill also advises that clients bring a tape recording device, or pen and paper to jot down significant impressions that can be further discussed after the reading.

Will I hear bad news?
Since Bill began offering readings professionally at Alta View in August 2004, he has never received "bad news" for any client. On the contrary, his readings are loving and life-affirming; and most clients leave feeling rejuvenated, Spiritually-aware, and knowledgeable about their purpose in life. On occasion, Bill will receive impressions that he refers to as "cautions," situations and circumstances of which to be mindful to avoid harm; but never has he received impressions about death, terminal illnesses or accidents.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my reading?
In addition to the prayer Bill will recite with you, you are welcome to add your own thoughts, or pray or meditate before your reading. Each session requires your conscious attention to work with Bill in order to create a map or blueprint for moving forward with your life.

Can I book a session with Bill as often as I want?
You should allow the information Bill will share with you during your session up to a year to manifest. Therefore, Bill only allows each client one session per year.

Bill looks forward to meeting with you to support you in your journey for intuitive guidance and direction.

Disclaimer - your clairvoyant reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. Each client receiving the clairvoyant reading is responsible for his or her own choices and actions. Clairvoyant readings are for entertainment purposes only.

William Stillman, Alta View's resident psychic, is now available to help clear your home of negative and ill-intended energies. This is an intensive, spiritual process that requires a total commitment from all members of the household (excluding children under age 12).

Are you (or members of your household) experiencing:

  • Depression and other pervasive mental health issues (including suicidal thoughts); addictions (illegal substances, alcohol, prescription medications, overspending/gambling, pornography or food-related issues); or negative-emotion issues of rage, jealousy, revenge, greed, etc.
  • Nightmares or night terrors on a regular basis, including the sensation of being pinned down, especially between the hours of midnight and 3:00 A.M.
  • Electrical disturbances including lights blowing frequently, and phones, TVs, radios, clocks, computers and other appliances malfunctioning on a regular basis.
  • Seeing movement out of the corner of your eye, including shadowy figures, hooded figures, red-eyed figures, or grey mists.
  • Hearing sad, angry or disruptive voices or unusual noises.
  • Dogs that will not go in certain rooms of your home without urinating/defecating, shaking, or seeming especially "clingy."
  • An increase in the reckless hyperactivity of young children in the home such as physical aggression, jumping off furniture and countertops, or making verbal threats to harm themselves or others; frequent bedwetting; not willing or able to sleep alone.
  • Teenagers and young adults in the household becoming increasingly withdrawn and irritable, preferring to isolate in order to play violent video games or listen to "dark" music.
  • Small objects that go missing and later reappear in unusual places.

If you answered "yes" to three or more of these criteria, you may be under spiritual assault. Bill is available to empower you and your family to reclaim control of your home and reinstate a tranquil, serene and peaceful household atmosphere. Fee is $100 per hour and the process usually takes up to two hours. To enquire about Bills availability, call Alta View Wellness Center at 221-0133.

William Stillman, Alta Views psychic-clairvoyant since 2004, is now available for your next family reunion, birthday or Halloween party, restaurant get-together, or other social function. his approach is deeply spiritual yet lighthearted; and he is both accurate and affordable. Expect the unexpected as Bill connects with spirit guides and loved ones who have passed over as well as offering predictions and intuitive insights. If you are intrigued by psychic shows like Crossing Over or Long Island Medium, consider booking Bill for your next event. For rates and availability, contact Sharon at Alta View Wellness Center at 221-0133.