Shamanic Journeys thru the Energy of your 7 Major Chakras by Shamanic Healing Practitioner- Sharon Muzio RN BS BCTMB RMT

I developed this Chakra Series to be used anytime you are feeling the need to reset or to explore deeper aspects of your energetic self. Once you purchase the MP3 of the journey and download it, you can listen as many times as you are called to do so. In addition to the recorded Shamanic Journey, you also receive a PDF that offers good information about that Chakra, correspondences that can help you unblock or empower that Chakra, and a mantra to keep in mind as you meditate on wholeness in the awake. Eight Journeys are available for purchase. Each one corresponds to one of the seven Major Chakras, the final is a full balancing of all Chakras including the Auric Field. Each journey stands alone. You can purchase one, or several, or all. Each one works on a different chakra but they are all intended to create balance in your energy field.

Shamanic Journey is a Guided Meditation. It works with your Pineal Gland, engaging the Imaginal Cells of your physical Brain to activate your Mind to energetically travel into your subconscious. With the guidance of my voice and the energy tools I incorporate, your mind will follow along a path of healing and enlightenment. Each time you listen to the Journey, your experience will be different, as the energy will meet you where you are. Distance Reiki, Spirit Chants, Crystals/Stones, Essential Oils, Earth Medicine, Sacred Geometry, Healing Kabbalistic Prayers, Animal Medicine, and many Shamanic Techniques are all incorporated into each Journey. During the beginning of each Journey, I will guide you in relaxing your physical self so that your energetic self can emerge to explore. You physically remain in “the real” while your mind journeys into the places where the world is created to serve your highest good and the needs you present with each time. Spirits, Spirit Animals, Light Beings, Tree Spirits, Symbols, Sacred Geometry, Departed Loved Ones, Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters will accompany you, in the imaginal space.

LEAVE YOUR WORRIES BEHIND, ALLOW DEEP ATTUNEMENTS AND RELAXATION TO BRING YOU PEACE AND HEALING ON A CELLULAR LEVEL. Some people fall “asleep” during Journey, that happens so that the Physical body steps away while the Energy body is working its Magick. Just allow and receive. Only what is for your highest good will come through.

Listen in a location where you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable, have a blanket or shawl handy, as your body relaxes, your temperature will drop. Have water, and a Journal handy for when you return from the Journey. Write down as much as you remember about the experience, this information is useful for you as you work with the energies that present to assist you.

Many Blessings,


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